She’s Got Rhythm

It’s Saturday morning at 11.35am and I’m over half way through a spinning class. I’m riding flat out with 80% resistance when I become convinced,

I can’t keep up this pace.

Then the song changes. I’m not really aware of what the song is, only the beat. Dum-daahm-dum… I focus my mind on the beat. I begin pedaling to the beat – left leg up, right leg down etc.

After a few minutes I forget about the lactic acid build-up in my hamstrings. In fact, the lactic acid build-up seems to have disappeared. I am pedaling beyond my limit. My brain has been distracted by the beat.

This gives me an idea.

I go home and type metronome into Amazon.

To my surprise, Amazon suggests that if I like this mini clip-on metronome, then I might like the book Chi Running: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless Injury-Free Running, which Amazon should know I already have. But I am intrigued to discover that I am not alone in my thinking. Phil (UK) in his product review, says:

I like to run with a metronome and earphone. I’ve tried metronome tracks on an mp3 player but this is better.

After flicking through my purchase options, I plump for the BestDealUK M50 on the grounds that it weighs a mere 19 g, only takes a 3 volt hearing aid battery and costs £4.99. Plus a compatible stereo earphone jack is available. I might want the ticktock in both ears later, you never know.

The good news is that if I can train to beats per minute now, then I might be able to metronome-stride my way across the Sahara. At least, that’s my latest plan. So, yes. I’ll come clean. I’ve been flagging in my training. Motivation is on the dip and I need a little pace-setter, if only in my head. Especially in my head.

Now She’s Got Rhythm, She’s got something I need…


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3 responses to “She’s Got Rhythm”

  1. DB says :

    I generally struggle for inspiration but the stuff you makes me want to get off the sofa and be a better person! Are you still training for the MDS? No more radio silence please – us normal people need someone to look up to!

  2. Angela Bradshaw says :

    Hi Lia,

    Malcolm Balk takes inspirational running workshops and is next in the UK in October, he talks about running with a metronome and has found the body has a preferred BPM it likes. Highly recommend the workshop if you’ve time

    Best Wishes

    Angela Bradshaw

  3. toutletandisque says :

    A pace-setter for the head – you might be on to something. If I’d had a pace setter last week I would have been happy and stronger after my bicycle ride. Instead, I cycled too far and ended up with my ‘broken?’ foot feeling again. Watching athletes who have had a previous injury they almost always, if only subtly have to favor that which was previously injured.

    In boatbuilding school they told us, ‘if something doesn’t seem right then there is probably something wrong with what you are about to do.’ And to avoid disapointment (wasting what was previosly a perfectly good piece of wood) or worse, injury, step away from the cutting-machine and rethink what what you are doing.

    All the best! :)

    ps I’m still working on ‘how I spent my easter vacation’.

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