Bottom to Top: New Zealand by boat

I was in the North Island of New Zealand when Cyclone Pam was wreaking havoc across the Pacific last month. For days, the people from Vanuatu working in New Zealand didn’t know if their families were still alive or if they had homes to return to. The news coverage of the disaster was extensive; the images of the devastation, sickening. I thought:

‘What can I do to help the Pacific Islanders?’

OceansWatch posted the answer on Facebook. A James Wharram-design Tiki 38 catamaran had just been loaned to OceansWatch for the sole purpose of coordinating aid relief and they needed a skipper to deliver her on the first leg of the boat’s journey.

On Monday, Laura Dekker, Gerard Ellmers and me will sail ‘Anam Cara’ from the very bottom to the very top of New Zealand.

The owner (and builder) of ‘Anam Cara,’ Sytze Riemersma.

From Bluff to Whangarei is a distance of 1100 nautical miles. With winter fast upon us, we expect the voyage to be one of the coldest deliveries any of us have ever done. Our worst case scenario is an E, NE or SE wind direction making the coast a dangerous lee shore.

Prospective departure: 07:00am Monday 20 April NZ (GMT+12)

Bluff Dunedin 147 1 day 13 hours
Dunedin Christchurch 199 2 days 2 hours
(Dunedin Timaru) 101 1 day 01 hour
(Timaru Christchurch) 131 1 day 09 hours
Christchurch Wellington 174 1 day 20 hours
Wellington Napier 221 2 days 07 hours
Napier Gisborne 87 22 hours
Gisborne Tauranga 197 2 days 01 hour
Tauranga Auckland 131 1 day 09 hours
Auckland Whangarei 83 21 hours

Safe harbours between Bluff and Whangarei.


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6 responses to “Bottom to Top: New Zealand by boat”

  1. Dickie & sue "Siapako" says :

    Pleased you are all safe. An old grey bearded pirate called Dodgy Dick once said ” proof of a good decision made at sea, is standing on land talking about it!”

  2. Furzana Ditton says :

    Your doing just great! Keep going. Love Auntie F xx

  3. Michelle Bose says :

    …and they’re off! Have a great trip. xxx

  4. Cordelia Ditton says :

    Brilliant. We’re thinking of you. Dilly & Seona xxx

  5. pierre a says :

    Monday will be 20th april even in Tengarewa, or Aotearoa, or NZ, Kia Ora Lia, good to be with you following your travels, pierre from France…………….
    and Aotearoa

  6. Jason ditton says :

    Hope it all goes well…….Uncle Jason xxx

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