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Podcast: Outside Health and Fitness

Here’s me chatting with Steve Stearns:

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50 Water Adventures – update 2.0

I was bringing you up to speed from 2012 to 2014, before we got absorbed in the answer to the question of Life, the Universe and Everything…



The first big cheer of 2013 arrived with a 1st for my 2011-2012 MA in Professional Writing at Falmouth University.

The course was a combination of creative writing and writing for business, with the emphasis on writing for the market, writing to earn money and getting published.

As a testament to the course’s success, I couldn’t join my fellow graduates on graduation day because I was in the final throes of finishing my first book…


> That’s my hand holding the first proof!  *Big grin* <

The book took 9 months to write, 2 years from conception to proof, and could not have come together without the 94 people who agreed to be interviewed and/or contributed images.

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Pre-order sales are what make books instant bestsellers.

Make me dance!



Haruki Murakami – Acclaimed Novelist/Marathon Runner

Haruki Murakami began writing at the same time he began running. In fact, in his memoir, ‘What I Talk about When I Talk about Running,” Murakami reflects on 25 years of running and writing. Having spent a comparatively mere six years endeavouring to carve my own niche as an artist/sailor, this seemingly symbiotic duality fascinated me.

© Jody Barton

Murakami’s accomplishments as an author

  • 12 novels translated into 42 different languages, (not to mention…)
  • Translation work of 41 novels + all works by Raymond Carver
  • 2 works of non-fiction.

His accomplishments as a runner

  • 23 marathons,
  • 6 triathlons

A novelist friend of mine who has had 6 novels published himself, said of Haruki Murakami’s memoir,

“It struck me that it was an almost perfect example of how a man can lie to himself.

His need to run was evidently never what he was claiming it to be – which is not to say that I know what the truth is, just that he was lying.”

I found this very intriguing. Did my novelist friend mean that Murakami should decide if he is a:

Novelist or runner?

When Murakami talks about trying an Iron man competition his response is:

“…the training would (most definitely) take so much time out of my schedule, it would interfere with my real job.” p177

Why run?

Does Murakami run in order to prove his own self-worth?

“Clouds are always taciturn. I probably shouldn’t be looking up at them. What I should be looking at is inside of me. My own individual, stubborn, uncooperative, often self-centered nature that still doubts itself…”

For the adrenalin rush?

“…it is precisely because of the pain, precisely because we want to overcome the pain, that we can get the feeling, through this process, of really being alive – or at least a partial sense of it.”

Or simply escapism?

“…really as I run, I don’t think much of anything worth mentioning.”


Three Karate-Kid type life lessons I took away from the book,

  1. Discipline and
  2. Endurance are character traits that can be honed by running and that possibly the best advice to aspiring writers is to
  3. Focus.

“– the ability to concentrate all your limited talents on whatever’s critical at that moment.”


Haruki’s monthly run mileage for the year the book was written – 2009

  • June – 156 miles
  • July – 186 miles
  • August – 217 miles !!!
  • September – 186 miles